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I will create a professional mysql, sqlite or mariadb database application

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I worked in the DevOps team in Germany for three years where I implemented a website for the test drivers. To solve the tasks I used VueJs, Javascript, CSS, HTML as well as Python. Currently, I’m dealing with Java professionally, as I’ve been writing articles on how to develop programs in Java for a German magazine. Additionally, I possess enhanced knowledge in databases as I completed introductory and advanced courses dealing with relational databases.

Haskell supports a variety of SQL Databases including MySQL, SQLite and MariaDB. I’ve already developed a database migration tool using Haskell together with MySQL. This migration tool was able to perform several db functions such as creating or deleting a user, inserting an API key, importing a CSV file into the database, etc. The options of the database tool were defined by implementing a complex datatype.

Additionally, I can realize a database tool in Java using a text based user interface (TUI). This allows for more intuition when using this tool as no command is entered directly on the console.

What’s more, I can develop a web app in Haskell for you so that you can access your database using a GUI. Another option is to use JavaFX, which allows for Java apps having a graphical user interface. I developed my own database application using java, and JavaFX as the frontend library. MyDbApp offers a menu for adjusting the database settings such as username, password, etc. The usage of MyDbApp is password protected, which allows for more security.

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